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Get Hired in ONE Day! and Win a $1000 Signing Bonus.

Hirefest gives you the exclusive one-time opportunity to get interviewed, assessed, and selected within a day for a developer job with U.S companies.
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If you are an exceptional developer, Hirefest is your golden chance to land the job of your dream in the quickest way possible with an exciting reward of a $1000 signing bonus.

Where You Meet Silicon Valley

We provide our engineers with the space and opportunity to work DIRECTLY with startups from across the pond; situated in the Bay Area. Our clients include:

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The Process

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Take The Test!

On Hirefest Day you will receive a unique link in your inbox through which you can take the test. The tests are meant for intelligent vetting and understanding of the level of your expertise. The questions are based on your skill set and designed to make you think fast. This way we end up with only the best of the developer talent pool!

Screening Interview

Based on your test results, You'll meet with our HR. They'll evaluate your skills and personality to make sure we're a good fit.

Technical Interview

We’ll dig a little deeper into your technical skills and experience and get a feel of your team orientation, motivation and understanding of our business.

Final Call

We’ll get to know you during this open-dialogue format interview. We want to learn about you and your current job history, as well as your vision for the future.

This Year’s Targets

Screened Applicants
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Judgement Criteria

What are we looking for?

Growth mindset
Problem Solving
This is your chance to join the team of Top 1% Global
Developer Talent
100 +
Software Engineers and Growing.

HireFest Rundown

Friday November 25th

To kick off the event selected candidates will meet our team and learn more about our culture and values. You will also have the chance to talk to our founders and senior engineers, including our Chief Technology Officer. We will also share our tools and processes that have helped us to set new benchmarks in the tech industry to give you a clear picture of the wholesome experience of work at Remotebase.

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Check out our Careers Page
Check out our Careers Page